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The easy way to plant garlic

What's the best thing a gardener can do a day before HALLOWEEN?

Correct! PLANTING some GARLIC.

This mild October allowed us to procrastinate this task until the end of the month. So if you still have garlic to plant, just go ahead and do it now! These are the 5 EASY STEPS:

1) Separate the gloves and prepare the bed with an extra layer of good compost 2) prepare 3'' deep holes, 6'' apart 3) plant gloves spiky side up, root part down 4) cover with good soil/compost 5) cover with 6'' mulch (org. straw, shredded leaves..)

Now let them them lay dormant and wait in excitement for spring to see the first little green sprouts Thank you Good Food Garden for the excellent organic supply

Happy Halloween everybody!

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