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My Nordic Garden's Clients

The Heart of What We Do

- Projects and Testimonials -


Julia, Vaudreuil-Dorion

"Working with Ines and Eric on our kitchen garden project was fantastic. They came up with great ideas of how to optimize our space and grow tons of veggies. I love the end result. It's even better than what I thought it would look like. Eric's wood work is awesome and so is Ines' knowledge of plants that she shared with me. I would recommend them to any day. "


Kimberly O'Connell, Ottawa

"This was the best hour I have ever spent! I'm so exited to try out all the coaching and ideas shared during our session! Highly recommended!"


Jessie Ruth, Quebec City

"I had a wonderful kitchen garden consultation with Ines! I would definitely recommend My Nordic Garden to anyone in zones 4-5 looking to learn or improve their veggie gardening. She gave me lots of good advice and optimized my garden plan. I can't wait to get started!"


Ann S., Ottawa

"Brilliant! My online consultation with Ines was just what I was looking for, very informative and lots of fun at the same time. I'm very much looking forward to implementing my kitchen garden according to the customized plans and coaching she provided. Highly recommend!"

Clients: Clients
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Harriet Gulino, Hassloch (Germany)

"The consultation was very helpful. So many great new ideas and input. I really recommend to book such a consultation. Ines does a great jo. Thanks a lot."


Family K., Ottawa

A critter resistant kitchen garden house! This is a very special project. We designed a house structure, that is going to protect the border kitchen garden from being eaten by squirrels and other critters. It's flourishing!


Family R., L'Orignal

A deer resistant kitchen garden! This is another very special project. We designed a fencing structure, that is going to protect this keyhole potager kitchen garden from being eaten by deer and skunks. This garden includes 2 metal trellis tunnels at the entrances and 2 benches to rest under 2 metal arch trellises. It's a pleasure to see it grow!


"Thank you Ines, Eric and the teams from @Terrassement Blais and @ShedDeck. We agreed on an integrated schedule and everyone worked hard to meet it. I am very pleased with the result. Ines has been a dedicated partner in the design and aesthetic of this project and brought the teams together."

Maurice, Gatineau

Recent Projects
- garden dreams -

Custom designed options for a thriving natural and edible garden

Every kitchen garden is an individually designed retreat reflecting your growing needs and personality. No matter if you want to optimize your growing space, need to protect your kitchen garden from critters and deer or if you just want to grow organically in a beautiful set-up. We design the kitchen garden that suits your growing goals as well as your aesthetic feelings. Our designs integrate vegetable gardens, pollinator gardens, rain gardens or woodland gardens within your existing setting. If your garden is a blank canvas and you are looking for a full garden re-do, then we are more than happy to design the garden you are dreaming about for you. Book your consultation today to start your project!

The following pictures of our projects and our own showcase garden will give you an idea of what's possible in your own space. 

Let's start dreaming!

Our custom made kitchen garden raised beds and trellises are crafted to add beauty and functionalism to your garden. Please contact us for availability.

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