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Kitchen Garden Ornaments

Christmas crafting for gardeners

December is the time when two things come together: Christmas and the first new seed catalogues for next season. Every year I feel kind of sad to throw away the seed catalogues of the past season and wonder what to do with them. Sometimes the kids and I created some colorful art, decorated seed storage boxes or crafted garden post cards.

This year, we got our hands on some vintage cookie cutters and created gardening ornaments. It's very easy and lots of fun for the whole family.

  1. You need: cookie cutters, old seed catalogues/ garden magazines/ empty seed packs..., pencil, scissors

  2. Choose a beautiful picture of a plant or vegetables and place the cookie cutter on top of it. Outline the shape of the cookie cutter with a pencil.

  3. Cut out the along the outline and fit the paper inside the cookie cutter. Usually there is no glue or tape needed.

  4. Add a string and decorate your Christmas tree with these unique and upcycled garden ornaments. Enjoy!

  5. Merry Christmas ;-)

We hope you enjoy crafting these ornaments! It's a wonderful activity for small children and everyone that loves gardening and Christmas.

Merry Gardening,


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