Kitchen Garden Services

Your way to a thriving natural kitchen garden


This is one full hour of individual consultation regarding your kitchen garden dreams.

First you will learn about our local seasons and what crops you can grow according to these seasons. I will provide you with a local seed starting and planting guide, which helps you to start and transplant your own seedlings at the right time. 

In the next step we will go through all the possibilities on where to set up your kitchen garden and important considerations about soil and water. We will discuss layout and design options, so I can create an individually designed kitchen garden plan (sketch) for you. Additionally I can provide you with a free estimation for a turnkey kitchen garden installation for your favorite design.

For an additional charge (depending on the size of your beds) I offer customized seasonal planting plans. 

Consultations are possible in-person on site or online in Zoom.

1 hr consultation session - CAD 150 + tax

(additional travel expenses outside of Hawkesbury/ Vankleek Hill/ L'Orignal apply)

Researching and Writing


If you need some help maintaining your garden on a regular basis or if you need support to set up your new kitchen garden, our coaching sessions are made for you. Whatever help you need to achieve a thriving kitchen garden, I am there to clear the confusion. After 1 hr of initial consultation I will continuously be on your side to grow the garden of your dreams successfully.


Keep your garden thriving with regular coaching offered on an individual basis.

Coaching sessions are usually in-person and on site, but also possible online in Zoom.

1 hr coaching session - CAD 150 + tax

(additional travel expenses outside of Hawkesbury/ Vankleek Hill/ L'Orignal apply)



You love to grow your garden! But you don't have the time to build all the structures and get all the materials for your kitchen garden? We have the solution for you! My Nordic Garden will deliver all that's needed to grow to your door - from custom built DIY raised beds and trellises to soil and seeds. By using highly durable rough cut cedar wood and steel you will enjoy your kitchen garden for many years to come. All of the materials used are sourced locally to ensure the highest quality and to help local businesses. 

Items to choose from: raised beds made from untreated rough cut cedar boards (customized), cedar or metal trellises and even (organic) soil-mixture, plants and seeds.

Please contact us for your individual DIY project or buy now through our homepage:

(additional delivery costs outside of Hawkesbury/ Vankleek Hill/ L'Orignal apply)

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Turnkey Kitchen Garden INSTALLATION

We do it all for you, so all you have to do, is to enjoy your new beautiful kitchen garden.

After our initial consultation you confirm one of our designs and estimates and we set to work. 

Raised beds, borders, trellises, soil and plants - everything will be ordered, built and installed by My Nordic Garden. Our Gardenary certificate guarantees the highest quality, long-term proofen techniques and designs for you.


According to your garden area, style and preferences we create the kitchen garden design of your dreams. Since we build all trellises and raised beds by ourselves, everything is possible.

Thanks to Eric's many years of experience in welding we can offer charming customized metal trellises. And his education and degree in carpentry makes his wood work solid and outstandingly beautiful.

Get in touch and start your garden transformation:

Watch Eric build our 2'x4'x4' cedar raised beds: