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Garden Cress - easy to grow with your kids

With being back to remote learning for our kids in the midst of January, it's tricky to keep our monkeys entertained sometimes, right?!

Let's see it as a chance though and do some easy INDOOR GARDENING with them. It's educational, entertaining, delicious and healthy! You might end up getting hooked up on these EASIEST TO GROW microgreens.

GARDEN CRESS is the ideal fresh green everyone can grow at home even in the middle of winter, or actually especially in the middle of winter. When it's dark and cold outside we need fresh and healthy greens more than ever - full of VITAMIN K and C. Vitamin K is important for healthy bones and blood clotting and we find it in green vegetables like kale, collards and cress. Vitamin C helps us fighting any sort of sicknesses as it is an antioxidant - very important, especially during the cold season.

The ADVANTAGES of GROWING GARDEN CRESS are many: - no special seed starting equipment needed - not much space needed - everyone can do it - cheap (approx. 3$, all you need to buy are seeds) - use recycled containers - fast maturity (approx. 1 week) - no growing lights needed (your window sill will do) - easy activity even with small kids - very educational, since you can literally watch the cress grow from seed to plant (germination within 1day) - very fast rewards with healthy greens - for a consistent supply of fresh greens start a fresh tray/container every 2nd day

And it's great to satisfy your seed starting and growing needs when it's still to early for most of the other kitchen garden crops.

Enjoy and show us your results!

Happy Gardening,


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