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We are here to help you with our customized designs, custom made raised beds and trellises - all out of one hand. 

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About My Nordic Garden

Consulting - Coaching - Design - Customized Building - Installation

  • Do you want to start your own kitchen garden to grow organic vegetables, but you don't know where to start?

  • Do you get overwhelmed or discouraged by all the possibilities of seeds, plants and garden designs?

  • Do you want to do something to support biodiversity, reduce climate change and enjoy organic food

  • Do you want to eat more plant-based and produce from your own garden?


Perfect! You are already on your way to make a green change by planning to install a kitchen garden in your backyard. Kitchen gardens are a wonderful way to support our environment and our own health. My Nordic Garden is here to help you on your journey to your own green living space with individual consultations, coaching and guidance all the way to your first harvest.

We want to show you, that it is easily possible to enjoy organic food from your own garden in just a couple of weeks. You will learn how to set up and maintain your kitchen garden in a natural way and grow an abundance of vegetables, herbs and fruits.

We would like to guide you to create your own green living space, that is not only there to provide healthy food for you and your family. It is also a place to retreat, to slow down and simply to enjoy the nature around you. 

In an easy to follow 4 steps procedure we will guide you on your way to your own kitchen garden:

1. Consultation

2. Planning and Design

3. Installation 

4. Tend and enjoy


Take the first step and book a consultation with us to learn more about the possibilities in your own garden. From choosing the right location to customized planting plans and options to set up a compost. You will learn what you need to be a kitchen gardener!

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A pleasure, not a luxury.


We believe, that everybody can do something to support our environment and enjoy a more gratifying life at the same time. Your own kitchen garden will bring more nature into your life and provide you with a peaceful retreat. Enjoy the little things - healthy greens, adorable flowers and more bumblebees around you.

My Nordic Garden


Kitchen Gardens from Ottawa to Montreal and anywhere in between.

My Nordic Garden's mission is to green up our environment by bringing the kitchen garden back into homes and businesses in our community. Be part of this movement and grow your own organic vegetables this year!

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You want to grow your own food, but you don't know where to start?


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